“So what is Quintura?”, you may ask. “I like the search engine I currently use, My Favorite Search Engine . Why do I need anything else? My Favorite Search Engineknows everything about every subject I am interested in. I can access all of the information available on the Web with My Favorite Search Engine “. 
“Oh, yes!”, we answer. “Indeed! We have no doubt that you have chosen the best search engine for your own search purposes! We don’t want you to part with your favorite – Yahoo, MSN or Google.” 
However, what if you think about searching in a different way. Have you ever raked through the paper card index of a big library? You have to find the necessary letter (or their combination), take the correct drawer, and start sorting through the cards. Ring any bells? After much time and effort, finally you find the long-awaited card! 
Of course web search engines take away the laborious task of sifting through paper index cards. And if you know the book’s exact author and title, either search is easy – on the web or in a library. But what if you know only your general search scope? Neither the author’s name nor the book title. In a library, the only way out is to ask a librarian. But on the web, what do you do? You are on your own. 
Until now. Quintura is the very know-all librarian!


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